At Jessica Quick Wellness we believe in the power of working towards being and feeling well physically, emotionally, and mentally.  In my work with individuals and couples, we work together to explore feelings; those that are positive, negative, and those that get us stuck in order to work towards individualized goals.  Together, we will explore what techniques work best for you in order for these goals to be reached and sustained.


– the state of being in good mental, emotional, and physical health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Individual and Couples Therapy

I provide individual and couples therapy and counseling to a diverse range of clients coping with:

  • anxiety, worry, panic
  • depression and mood disorders
  • grief and loss (recent or postponed)
  • end of life issues
  • finding meaning
  • effective goal setting/maintaining
  • trauma (recent or postponed)
  • anger
  • addiction
  • stress management
  • family conflict
  • effectively communicating your needs and wants
  • adolescent transition
  • self injury
  • life upheavals and transitions

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